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Poet Rubén Darío faces friend Poet José Martí. Rubén Darío and Francisca Sánchez are king and queen. General José Santos Zelaya is the bishop. Nicaraguan cavalry officers are knights and the Nicaraguan flag is the rook.
Poet José Martí and Carmen Zayas Bazan are king and queen. General Máximo Gómez and Antonio Maceo are bishops. Cuban officers are cavalry and the Cuban flag is the rook.
Item #A 014 hand painted.

Price includes all 32 pieces, the chessboard and mailing costs.
Chess Board: 15 3/8" square x 2 ¾" high (aprox.)
Chess pieces: 2 7/16" to 2 ¾" high (aprox.)
Weight: 6.95 lbs (aprox.)

Chessboard made of the finest Peruvian Mahogany, 32 pieces of metal alloy. Each piece is meticulously painted to show the greatest detail and each one stands on an elegant wood base.